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About The Event

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The "FAST5000" meeting is a highlight of the French athletics calendar. Created in 2021 by a team of athletics fans in the western suburbs of Paris, with the support of the Houilles, Montesson and Maisons-Laffitte Athletics clubs. Since 2023, the event is part of the ON : TRACK : NIGHTS series.


The "sporting spectacle" provides a unique athletics experience for runners and spectators.


For the runners, everything will is be set up to help them beat their record: pacers, wavelights, refreshments before and after the race, seeded races, physios, attractive prizes, crazy atmosphere, and much more!  (see info) In 2021, 60% got a PB and 80% an SB. All the (men's) places were sold out in under 10 days. In 2022, 68% got a PB and 96% an SB!

For the spectators, the meeting is more than just running: music, food trucks, beer trucks, entertainment and the opportunity to get down on the track to be right next to the runners (see info).  

The meeting is an afternoon of high level racing, fun and records!


L'équipe du FAST5000

Simon Messenger and mascot.png

Simon Messenger (& mascotte)

FAST5000 Director

  • Instagram

One English person can hide another. One once ran from Bratislava to Budapest. The other one can't wait to put on her hedgehog costume! 

Seb Sapei.png

Sebastien Sapei

FAST5000 Director

  • Instagram

5th M40 at the Euros 10km. Coach of the SOH. President of SOH Athletics. Dreams of qualifying for the slowest series. 

Francois Gancel.png

François Gancel

FAST5000 Director

  • Instagram

The Mr Athletics of Montesson, the Mr Montesson all short. A key to the setting up of the meeting!

Pippa Messenger.png

Pippa Messenger

Superstar & Sign-Ups

  • Instagram

She runs as often as she eats chocolate, which is a lot. Loves cats. Legendary mascot!

Maxime Garcin.png

Maxime Garcin

Elites Management

  • Instagram

You did 15'29"40 and not 15'29"17 in 2017 at the departmentals? Don't worry, Maxime knows. He knows everything. EVERYTHING. 

Fred Athenor.png

Frederic Athenor

ACM President

  • Instagram

Mr. Volts. Mr Amps. Mr. Watts. Mr. "will save our lives in case of electrical problems".

Emilie Devaux.PNG

Emilie Devaux

Financial Manager

  • Instagram

Money, money, money! A real life accountant, she will make sure we have all the pennies for the big bonuses!

Marc Pereira_edited.jpg

Marc Pereira


  • Instagram

More capable of qualifying for the FAST50000 than the FAST5000, our honorary Portuguese (in Houilles, we need at least one) "brings us closer to the essential". 

Francois Jacob Trombi.PNG

François Jacob


  • Instagram

Some think he's there for the FAST5000. Others just to keep an eye on Marc P. Both are likely.

fast5000 logo blanc large white surround.png

Emmanuel Lopes


  • Instagram

Mr Maisons-Laffitte, he's not been around long enough for us to write something funny. But he's fast and manages lots of houses.

fast5000 logo blanc large white surround.png

Céline Littré


  • Instagram

Mrs Maisons-Laffitte, he's not been around long enough for us to write something funny. But she's fast and I'm pretty sure she doesn't manage lots of houses.

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