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You. A Track. A PB.


It sounds simple when you put it that way. But we all know how hard we work, only to miss our PB by a whisker.

The FAST 5000 is doing everything it can to maximise your chances of getting a record: pacers, wavelights, seeded races, attractive bonuses and prizes, music, atmosphere, refreshments, and crazy atmosphere!

  • During the race, your friends away from the Paris area will be able to follow you live on our Youtube/Instagram page (but ask them to come if they are not far away, it will be much better resolution in person!)

  • After the race, an official photo for your Instagram account, your grandparents, your colleagues.

  • And after your shower, you will have the opportunity to eat and drink with your friends

The planned races (2024) are:

  • Women: 14'45, 15'30, 16'15, 17'00, 17'50

  • Men: 13'00, 13'15, 13'40, 13'55, 14'15, 14'30, 14'45, 15'00, 15'30

At the moment, we have planned 9 Men's and 5 Women's races because - traditionally - there are more male runners at the meetings. However, if we have a lot of interested female runners, we will change the number of races.

There will also be an invitation-only 1000m (Men) and 2000m (Women) and a open 3000m (Men, sub-10'30) and 3000m (Women, sub 14'00) race.

Please note: only World Athletics-authorised shoes will be accepted for your time to be official: list

  • Prize money (2024): The prize money for the elite 5000m series are: 1st: 6000 €, 2nd: 3000 €, 3rd: 1000 €, 4th: 600 €, 5th: 300 €, 6th: 250 €, 7th: 200 €, 8th: 150 €, 9th: 100 €, 10th: 100 €. The prize money for the 1000m / 2000m series are 1st: 3000 €, 2nd: 1500 €, 3rd: 700 €. Prize money will be available for the second series of men and women's 5000m races.

  • Prizes: Other prizes will be offered to the winners of the other races (incidentally, if you would like to contribute, please contact us!)

Info Spectateurs

Spectator info

We like athletics. We love athletics. We'd almost be willing to travel an hour by train to see a regional race.


Well, it's a long way just to see Katie finish 4th in her race.

We get it.

That's why we hope to create an event that goes beyond the usual level of atmosphere at an athletics meeting:

  • Free shuttle bus to get to the train station

  • Foodtrucks

  • Refreshment stalls

  • Music

  • Possibility to be on the track to encourage the runners

  • Musical and sports entertainment

  • Sports shops

  • Possibility to win prizes

Info Acces

Access INFO

  • Where is the race ?

The meeting takes place at the Parc des Sports de Maisons-Laffitte, 8 Avenue Desaix, 78600 Maisons-Laffitte  

  • At what time ?

The final programme will be available in early May:

  • The first 5000m race will start around 2.00pm.

  • The elite women's race will be around 9.30pm. The elite men's race will be around 10.00 pm.

  • How to get there?

By car, it's 20 minutes from La Défense: there are lots of parking spaces across the street.


With the local train (RER A) (20 minutes from Chatelet, direction Cergy or Poissy), the station is 1.7km away on foot. Perfect for warming up! We will put a free shuttle on from the train station.

We recommend coming by RER / public transport if possible.

  • Shuttle 'On'


Our sponsor On is organising free shuttles from Paris town centre. These are the times: 

Shuttle #1: 

Departure corner of Boulevard St Germain / Rue du Four 9h30 / 13h15 / 16h15 

Return Paris, departure from Parc des Sports 11h00 / 14h45 / 20h00

Shuttle  #2: 

Departure On Shop 65-67 Av Champs Elysées 13h30 / 17h15 / 20h15

Return  Paris, departure from des Sports 15h00 / 18h45 / 22h30

  • Where to park?

There are two car parks: one in front of the stadium and one across the street. Signs will take you to the right place.

Et Le Reste

And the Rest

  • What are you ?

Let's start with the basics!

The event is a volunteer-led athletics meeting, but we want it to be more than that: for the athletes, we want to maximise the likelihood of a PB. For the spectators, we want a great atmosphere. And for everyone, we want a high-level day of 5000m races!

  • Is the meeting official ?

Yes, of course, it is registered on the World Athletics - Challenger list. These are the official statutes of the meeting. 

  • Do you guarantee PBs?

We would like to, but we can't! However, we will do everything we can to maximise the likelihood of a good performance: pacers, refreshments before and after, seeded races by level, energetic music to set the mood, attractive prizes. Afterwards, it's down to you to perform! 😊 In 2021, 60% of runners got a PB and 80% an SB! In 2022, it was 68% and 96% !

  • 9races for men but only 5 races for women, that's not fair!

At the moment, we have planned 9 Men's and 5 Women's races because - traditionally - there are more male runners at the meetings. However, if we have a lot of interested female runners, we will change the balance of races.

  • Is this a new concept ?

Yes and no: we are inspired by various European events such as the "Night of the 10k PBs" which has been running in London for the last ten years or so and is a great night of athletics. If we can replicate that one day, so much the better!

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