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How to register?

It's easy, but there are a few rules.

You will need :

  1. Your FFA licence number, your current PB and the time you are aiming for. And, if you want, your Instagram account.

  2. If you are not licensed with the FFA (foreign athletes), you will also need to provide us with a medical certificate along with your licence. 

  3. 11€/runner (+1€ registration fee) : we are trying to keep the cost low, but we do have some costs that we are forced to cover in order to offer an event that maximises the number of records ! The organisers don't make any profit from the event : any excess (if there is any) is reinvested in the following year's edition.

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After that, this is where it's different: the meeting targets the best French and foreign runners. As a result, places are limited by performance level: 

  • For men, there are 270 places: at least 150 are reserved for those who run <15'00, 50 for those between 15'00 and 15'30, 40 for those between 15'30 and 16'00

  • For women, there are 150 places: at least 60 are reserved for those running <17'00, 30 for those between 17'00 and 18'00, and 30 for those between 18'00 and 19'00 

  • Please note, the fastest runners have priority: if - for example - the 50 places for women in <17'00 are filled but there are 5 places left for those between 18'00 and 19'00, then a new runner in 16'30 could register and there would only be 4 places left between 18'00 and 19'00. Don't hang around! (to be clear, once you register, your place is guaranteed!)

  • waiting list will be set up once all the places are filled. We will probably open some more places later so do sign up on that list!

  • The scheduled races are: Women: 14'45, 15'45, 16'20, 16'45, 17'50. Men: 12'55, 13'25, 13'40, 13'55, 14'15, 14'30, 14'45, 15'00, 15'30

  • The 1000m (Men) and the 2000m (Women) are by invitation only. If interested, please contact

  • The 3000m (Open) (7€) is open to all FFA Competition licensees (with a minimum reference time of 11'00 for Men and 14'00 for Women)

Proof of performance:

When registering, you will need to provide recent proof of your fastest time (screenshot of FFA/Po10 website, link to webpage with results... ). For those who do not have a suitable personal best (e.g. this is your first 5000m/5k race or you have made a lot of progress since your last race over this distance, proof of a similar performance will have to be provided (e.g. a recent time over 3000m or 10k).

The organising committee will consider the submitted goals to be in good faith, but reserves the right to reject an entry or place it on a waiting list if it is not deemed to be of the required standard. 

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